About My Project

Hi and welcome to AdvancedEpoxyCoatings.com.

I’m Max Williams, and I’m an epoxy resin specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. I’m passionate about creating stunning resin art pieces, as well as using my expertise in epoxy coating and concrete resurfacing to help my clients achieve their desired results.

My journey with epoxy resin started during my college years when I took a course on polymer chemistry. I became fascinated with the material and spent countless hours experimenting with different types of resins and developing my own unique techniques for achieving different effects and textures.

I’ve since built an extensive portfolio that includes a variety of art pieces, from small jewelry and home decor items to large-scale installations and furniture pieces. My work has been showcased in several exhibitions and galleries, and I’ve completed numerous custom commissions for clients.

Aside from my art practice, I’m also an expert in epoxy coating and concrete resurfacing. I’ve worked on a variety of commercial and residential projects, including garage floors, patios, and countertops, and I’ve earned a reputation for delivering high-quality work that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

I’m always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with epoxy resin, and I’m eager to share my knowledge and expertise with others. I regularly teach workshops and classes, and I’m an active member of several online communities dedicated to the art and science of working with epoxy resin.